Saltwater Fish

The CTE Aquatics Mission: To promote the world's greatest hobby through education, cutting edge technology and sustainable collection practices to preserve the natural environments of the fascinating creatures we love.

Two Band Anenome Fish saltwater fish

Our Saltwater fish are what we believe to be the healthiest available specimens in the greater Baltimore area. We go to great lengths to procure the highest quality, least distressed animals possible. We specialize in both wild caught and tank raised saltwater fish.

We have a strong commitment to Captive Bred livestock to do our part to foster the preservation of the world's coral reefs for generations to come. A great partnership with Sustainable Aquatics allows us to bring to you the finest captive raised saltwater fish, corals and invertebrates available today. Sustainable Aquatics animals are extremely resilient to tank living and their transport and acclimation survival rate is near 100%!

saltwater fishes